Ensemble Laude Novella with Ensemble Insula Magica

- 26 photos from a concert in the Tsaritsino palace, Moscow, 2nd July 2000

- on the original Russian page there are 26 video recordings with sound, but no English text:
you might like to have them open side-by-side to see what is what; or you can click directly on the projector icon here

- when we last visited the Russian site, the links for a 56K modem were broken, but the 28 K links worked, even if the streaming was rather slow, and it is these which are given here

- Introduction in Russian by Arkadij Boukhanov (5 mins)
- Laude Novella plays music from Piæ Cantiones (1582):
- Tempus adest floridum
- In vernali tempore
- Scribere proposui
- Olla mortis
- In hoc vita stadio
- In stadio laboris

Susato, Pavana Battalia (1543)

Anon.: Femtusen man från Dalorten sprang

Anon.: "The Russian serpent"

Gustaf Blidström: Prince Egeni's march

Anon.: 'Ballad on the Swedish victory at Narva on 20th November anno 1700'

Anon.: "Fräls mig Gud, Ryssland kvider"

Blidström: Grenadier's March

Anon: Navigations cantata

Gustaf Düben: "Blickt Ihr Salinnen"

Anon.: O woe, says Mazepa / He flees

Anon.: "Sancta Anna"

"Poem on the victory at Poltava over the Swedish king Karl and his army"/ Vivat suite

Anon.: "Those warring mushrooms"

Blidström: Menuets

Anon.: 'Drink, brothers, drink up!

Blidström: Polones, Proportio, Sarras

Bellman: "Så lunkar vi så småningom"

F. Meyer: 'To you with love'

Koslovskij/ Derschavina: 'The golden bee'


O. Koslovskij: 'I wish I were a bird'

Blidström: La Folia

John Wilbye: "Farväl min Amaryllis"

(Anon. translation and re-working for three voices from 17th C. Växjö)

Anon.: 'I know a delightful rose'

Anon.:"Riu riu rej" - Sea-shanty from Bohuslän

Simon, bishop of Tver: 'Why this dark deserted night?'

Anon.: The Messiah visits us

Blidström: General Topps dragoon march

V. Trediakovskij: Spring is on the way, Winter is banished